Evolution of methodic

Let me take you to a short journey how I started with programming, where it went to, and how the actual methodic, thinking and doing evoled. This will have the following posts:

  • It all started with i=i+1
  • Melting the metal
  • Going to Windows 3.11, I need (MS) access
  • Why is there any system without a database? Going to VB6 and Excel VBA
  • Oh, this is real OOP? Here are C# and .net
  • Doing architecture

Why do I do this? I recently recognized that the whole story let me summarize a set of rules and procedures that are …. let’s say pretty common. Why not taking these rules then and emphasize that they are right ones?

Because there is a difference. A difference in just getting to the crowd and yelling that what they shout is right. It is a complete different story to detect the whole story on your own. It is much more convincable, when you work by experience than to work like some guy told you to.

At the moment i am in the process of putting together the rules for our business. The complete development process shall be outlined including:

  • Coding principles
  • Naming conventions and rules
  • Scrum based agile development
  • UX Guidelines
  • Pull request and code review checklists
  • Best practices in software development

Let the journey begin. At the end of the story, I’ll outlined all of these. And hopefully transparently and convincable explained you to do the same.